Dandelion soaks in water, different demand, use different matching side, double the effect

Dandelion soaks in water, different “demand”, use different “matching side”, double the effect

Dandelion, the whole plant can be used as medicine, and it will be great!

A small dandelion can be said to be everywhere.

On the side of the road, in the park, three draped, in the field.


With the in-depth study of dandelion, it has been found to have higher medicinal value.

Dandelion, not only can be eaten, used for the belly, but also medicinal, with its soaking water, there are many health effects.

Moreover, dandelion is good at compatibility, different health needs, with different collocations, double the health effect.

Dandelion soaked in water, different “demand”, with different “matching side”, the effect doubled stomach, dandelion + white jasmine with the method: 1, dandelion leaves, washed, cut, dried; 2, white jasmine, wash, dry; 3, according to the ratio of 1:2, put dandelion white jasmine tea, drink water together, you can.

According to the “Surgical Compression and Treatment of the Whole Life Collection”: “The dandelion tile is said to be obsessive, and the end of the fire is sent to the stomach to treat stomach cramps.

According to modern research, dandelion can improve gastric ulcer and kill Helicobacter pylori.

White jasmine flowers, the main warm spleen and stomach, qi and qi stagnation, for spleen and stomach wet turbidity, less food and nausea, diarrhea and other symptoms.

Mild white jasmine, with dandelion, neutralizing the coldness of dandelion, strengthens the stomach.

Liver protection, dandelion + magnolia root matching method: 1, dandelion rhizome, washed, cut, dried; 2, magnolia rhizome, washed, cut, dried; 3, according to 1:1 ratio, made dandelion magnoliaRoot tea; 4, take 3-5g each time, hot water brewing on behalf of tea, you can.

Dandelion, into the liver, good at reducing liver fire, liver toxic, prevent liver damage.

Also, in protecting the liver, the dandelion rhizome follows the dandelion leaves.

Magnolia root is also a kind of medicine and food plant, which can accelerate the speed of cell repair and has obvious protective effect on liver cells, especially for preventing alcoholic liver injury.

Therefore, people who need liver protection can choose word matching and liver protection effect, 1 + 1> 2.

Go to fire, dandelion + chrysanthemum matching method: 1, dandelion root, wash, cut, dry; 2, chrysanthemum, wash, dry; 3, with dandelion chrysanthemum tea, soak in water, you can.

Dandelion, known as “natural fire grass”, is also known as “natural antibiotics”. It is especially effective in removing fire and reducing inflammation.

Chrysanthemum, can clear away heat and detoxification, go to the fire, clear the liver and improve eyesight, often with dandelion, enhance the effect of heat and detoxification.

Therefore, people with big fires can choose this combination, which can quickly reduce liver fire.

However, the combination of the two is relatively cold, not excessive, and should not be replaced for a long time.

Mammary gland, dandelion + rose flower matching method: 1, dandelion rhizome, washed, cut, dried; 2, rose petals, natural dry; 3, according to the ratio of 1:3, into the dandelion rose tea; 4, dailySoak the water on behalf of the tea, you can.

Women can protect breast health and can use this to improve breast hyperplasia and improve breast health.

“Tang Bencao” believes that dandelion “the housewife is swollen.”

Through clinical practice, dandelion is very beneficial to the health of the breast.

Roses can relieve liver and relieve stagnation, qi and stagnation, and beneficial to breast health.

Therefore, women’s daily health, may wish to use this match.

Laxative, dandelion + barley seedlings matching method: 1, dandelion leaves, washed, cut, dried, milled; 2, barley seedlings, washed, cut, dried, milled; 3, according to 1:2The ratio is made into dandelion barley green juice; 4, hot water can be brewed.

Dandelion, rich in vitamins A and C and minerals, has an effect on indigestion and constipation.

Barley seedlings, rich in supplemental fiber, can soften the stool, stimulate the intestinal wall and relieve gastrointestinal pressure.

This combination, supplement nutrition, almost laxative, improve constipation, intestinal toxicity, and help slimming down.

If you are a frequent constipation person, try this match.

Hypoglycemic, dandelion + black bitter collocation method: 1, dandelion root, washed, cut, dried, crushed; 2, black bitter, washed, dried, crushed; 3, according to 1:2Proportion, made of dandelion black bitter tea; 4, hot water brewing on behalf of tea, you can.

The dandelion polysaccharide contained in dandelion has a certain hypoglycemic effect.
Black bitter, known as “three-fall food”, helps to reduce sugar, which contains cadmium, can enhance insulin function, improve glucose tolerance, and control blood sugar balance.
Moreover, black bitter buckwheat, a potential flavonoid, has a significant inhibitory effect on the activity of alpha-amylase, which is comparable to that of amphoteric acid.

So, if you want to stabilize your blood sugar, try this match.

Detoxification, dandelion + lotus leaf matching method: 1, dandelion leaves, washed, cut, dried; 2, lotus leaves, washed, shredded, dried; 3, according to the ratio of 1:2, into the dandelionLeaf tea; 4, hot water brewing on behalf of tea, you can.

Dandelion, known as “week bed grass”, diuretic dispersing, the effect is particularly good, can help the body, eliminate more toxins.

Lotus leaves can remove toxins, reduce hoarding, and detoxify water.

The combination of the two, detoxification effect is particularly good, but also helps to slim down the body.

Dampness, dandelion + purslane matching method: 1, dandelion leaves, washed, cut, dried; 2, purslane, washed, cut, dried; 3, according to the ratio of 1:1, doInto dandelion purslane tea; 4, hot water brewing on behalf of tea, you can.

Dandelion, can go to damp heat, purging fire, diuretic, dehumidification, improve nausea caused by damp heat, yellow tongue embolism, also has a good effect on red and swollen acne.

Purslane, detoxification, dehydration, and swelling of blood.

The combination of the two is especially effective for dampness and damp heat.

Finally, although dandelion is good, there are also contraindications, allergic, part, with its soaking in water, itching, acute measles and other allergic reactions.

2, low blood pressure, with caution, dandelion root soaked in water, there is a certain effect of blood pressure.

3, chronic enteritis, with caution, its nature is slightly cold, enteritis episodes, easily lead to severe diarrhea.

4, one-time can not be excessive intake, too much, can not be more greedy, daily do not dry more than 15g.

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