Professor Wang is dumbfounded:Too simple and rude?Take money directly?

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First466chapter Cheated
Dumbfounded,Wang Yongmin’s heart jumped involuntarily。
Every month300The salary of yuan and not less than200Dollar bonus、not lower than100Various benefits,Even if it is the lowest value,Also every month600Bucks,One year16Months,That is9600Bucks,It’s actually more than 10,000 yuan,Compared to my current income,Almost fifteen or six times!
81Annual salary of ten thousand,That’s a high salary that countless people can’t even think of,More than 30 years laterXToo much,Wang Yongmin never thought that one day he could get such a high salary,but……
Some things can’t be concealed anymore。
Wang Yongmin took a deep breath,Looking at Chen Geng, gritted his teeth and said:“Mr. Chen,Very sorry,I lied to you。”
“Ok?”Chen Geng was taken aback:Lied to me?What lie?
“I am not a professor at the University of Science and Technology of China,”Wang Yongmin’s tone is a bit difficult,But after saying this,He seemed to relax a lot at once,Speak fluently:“I’m62Admitted to the University of Science and Technology of China,66Graduation year,My goal at the time was30Become a professor at the age of,But you should know what happened later……So after graduation, I went to the mountains and the countryside。”