Sister Huo with smoke,But forgot to smoke,Look dazed for a while……

The development of the situation is completely different from what she imagined,The partners she brought were knocked down one by one。
Chen Wenjin is like the martial arts master in the movie hitting passers-by,Flashed in front of someone,Punch one、Punch one、Punch one……
Thirteen men,Fell to the ground。
There is a woman,I don’t know where I picked up a stone,Smash Chen Wenjin’s head fiercely,But he grabbed his wrist。
That woman can’t break free,I have fear in my eyes,But he forced to look directly at Chen Wenjin’s cold eyes。
next moment,Chen Wenjin’s eyes became calmer,Pull and loose,The woman was immediately taken to the side,Skirt flying,Blindfolded her head and face。
Chen Wenjin picked up his schoolbag,Back,And then take off the belt wrapped around the right hand,Sister Huo said:“How to say?”
Sister Huo just recovered from the shock,Because of everything,It’s incredible!
She has seen too many fights,Know that manpower is limited,Two fists are hard to beat four hands is the law of objective reality,Real street fighting is definitely not a stage,Surprise、Preemptive strike,This is the best state,Once the fight,Have an advantage,But I met a group of people who had the courage to fight,Even if the individual who has practiced is outstanding, he has to run。
Therefore,Since ancient times,Whether war or civil,Are all held together,Group combat,Humans are social creatures。
but……Chen Wenjin subverted her worldview,Made her believe suddenly,What I thought was exaggerated before,It exists!
There really is a person in this world hitting a group of people,It’s exaggerated like an adult hitting a child!
“Actually I just want to see you,I didn’t intend to disturb you before the exam……just——I heard that you and Lulu stay at school alone,I’m afraid she is confessing to you,I just want to warn her to stay away from you,Didn’t plan to do anything to her。”Sister Huo suddenly changed her person,Very calm tone,It’s so peaceful it’s so gentle。