When I said this,The first rising sun passed through the glass directly on Qin Xue.。

The black hair is directly reflected in a faint glory.,The white shoulder is even more emitted.。
And the beautiful face is in the beautiful glow at this moment.。
“What look?
I have seen it for so long.,Haven’t seen enough。”
Looking at Li Hui’s stretch,Qin Xue couldn’t help but add a few confidences.。
“Hey-hey,I am not looking at it.,I am appreciative.,How can someone appreciate?,Beauty can’t help but live,I can’t help but go out。”
“okay,okay,Don’t be poor,I will eat it myself.。”
Qin Xue looked at Li Hui Rui once again handed a tablespoon of milk,Zhang opened cherry nozzle,Gently drink,Then I will come by myself.。
How to,I am very weak last night.,Be good to make up,Especially if you still have a big aunt.,Better good supplement,I also gave you a chicken stewed mushroom.。”
Listening to Li Hui’s face is thinking about her.,Qin Xue is not a gentleness in the eyes of Qin Xue。
“breeze,Close your eyes,Let the teacher give you a surprise。”
Not a teacher,Girlfriend,Be a snow,Dear。”
Li Hui Feng’s righteous words are completely cute in the eyes of Qin Xue.。
“it is good,You are more than you,Let my sister give you a reward.?
Quickly close your eyes。”
Looking at the smile of Qin Xue,Li Hui Feng immediately closed his eyes。
Close your eyes,He screamed a familiar fragrance on Qin Xue.,At the same time, the warmth of the lips made him open his eyes.。
Chapter 280
Just an instant he opened his eyes,Qin Xue has already been retired.。
But he is clearly knowing that it is the feeling of Qin Xue kiss.。
Especially the warm lips,Good breath,Everything makes him feel like dreaming。
After all, Qin Xue has always been the kind of cold-type goddess.。
He never thought that Qin Xue will take the initiative to steady.。
And that other people still。
“Reward to you,This is the first kiss of my sister.。”
I heard the confirmation of Qin Xue,Li Hui Feng can’t help but laugh,At the same time, I can’t help but lick my lips.。
“Hey-hey,But I didn’t feel it just now.,Do you have to reward??
I promise not to move。”
“Gill you think,But it is not impossible.,Waiting for you to see you.,The better the performance.,The longer the sister rewards you.,do you know?”
Qin Xue’s words let Li Hui also ignited fighting。
“OK,Then I will give dear snow to take the chicken soup.。”
“Need not,Need not,Chicken soup is too greasy,I am not ready to eat。”
finally,In the repeated request of Li Hui Feng,Qin Xue was only a few chicken, no longer eaten.。
When Qin Xue is ready to change clothes,She is shocked directly。
The skin is better than before, it is not a little bit.,If it is a lot of milk before,So now I am generally with grinding jade,Crystal clear white,The pores are delicate and even can’t even see。