Are there everlasting enemies on the sea??

Maybe,But there are few among the strong,Most of them will give face,Even people with bad brains like Auntie and Kaido will not make enemies.。
“Is the problem so serious??”Shanks asked Leo。
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“of course,The problem is serious!”Leo took a sip of wine。
“perhaps,It would be better if Raleigh killed me directly!”
Shanks’ eyelids twitched,This is a matter of life and death,Leo can say this,It can be said that what Raleigh did was more serious than killing Leo directly。
“This……”Shanks doesn’t know what to do。
This problem is more serious than he thought,Not a simple conflict of interests。
“Shanks,Why are you so!I’m Lei Li across the sea for more than 40 years,When is it scared?Leo,I am afraid of Raleigh!”
Leo heard what Raleigh said,Also grinned openly:“Just,This is Pluto Raleigh,If you are afraid of a junior like me,That can be called the legendary big pirate?”
Shanks frowned:“Leo,Why should I be so excited, Uncle Raleigh?!”
“Hehe,Accidentally told the truth!”Leo still has a smile on his face,Can’t see what’s thinking。
“Shanks,Don’t worry about this!”Raleigh sighed,Although I knew,But I didn’t expect Leo to be really desperate to him,In order to kill him, even face two four emperors at the same time。
He Raleigh is with Shanks,Even Karp has to retreat,But Leo can drink wine indifferently。