Emotional male and female favorite nostalgic on the beach travel route

Emotional male and female favorite nostalgic on the beach travel route

After reading the “In the Mood for Love”, I will not forget the cheongsam of Maggie Cheung, and the rich Shanghai sentiment hidden under the hustle and bustle.

In Shanghai, which is too modern, there are always people who are awakened by dreams. It is difficult to accept them for a while. Therefore, I specifically recommend three travel routes to men and women who miss the old Shanghai. I suggest you wear cheongsam for the pattern, avoid troubles, and look at the old Shanghai.Shanghai’s elegant old street has Maggie Cheung’s graceful style, which belongs to Maggie Cheung’s graceful style: Shanghai’s most elegant street Bund takes 55 roads to Xingang Road, and looks at Tianzhen Road, Zhangjiaxiang and Shahong Road in Hongzhen Old Street area., walk around Xiao Lane, where is the representative of most of Shanghai’s life, the first-line alleys, places where bicycles are difficult to enter, typical urban village-like living conditions, from May to November each year, under the street lightsPlaying the “big strange road” is a landscape in the area.

Most of the residents there moved to and from Shanghai after the liberation of the Soviet Union. Many old Shanghais lived in places that they would never have been in their lifetime. In fact, they are not 3 kilometers away from the Bund.

  Laonan City is centered on the Temple of Literature. It is the old Shanghai before the Opium War. It is surrounded by Luxiangyuan Road, Fuyou Road, Lion Street, Songxue Street, Wutong Street, etc. It also has ham, chicken feathers,Huayi Street, Doshi Street, Chag Street, Broom and other strange street names.

It is a typical old town, with the remains of the late Ming and early Qing dynasties. It is a small street with a feeling of being in the old city of Jiangnan. There are many local Shanghainese people, and the residence is crowded. It is quite spectacular to see the toilet array occasionally in the morning.

  At the northern end of Sichuan North Road in Hongkou, Shanyin Road, Duolun Road and Xiangyang Road, representatives of the middle-class residential areas of old Shanghai, and most of the poor and literate people in history have gathered here.

The buildings are mainly made up of Shikumenli and mixed small houses. Although the residents are also faced with many problems such as retirement pension, laid-off and unemployment, the self-perception has always been very good, especially in front of outsiders.

Little mahjong, wearing pajamas on the street to buy soy milk also happened.

  Xuhui District Huaihai Road, Fuxing Road as the center of the 2 km range, that is the old Shanghai’s high-end residential area, mainly Western-style garden houses, residents civilization, cultural level, gentle and gentle, good-looking face.

For example, in a small road in the late autumn, the pedestrians are scarce, the phoenix tree is deep, and the autumn wind rolls up the leaves, which will give you a feeling of being in the European continent.

Gao’an Road, Wanping Road, Yueyang Road, Hengshan Road, Wukang Road, Hunan Road. It is worth seeing too much. It is the place that all Shanghainese dream of.

Among them is Kangping Road, which is a political gathering place.

Hanyuan Bookstore belongs to the bookstore of literary men and women: Hanwen Bookstore in Shanghai literati gathering place (one of Li Oufan sighs) Harvard sinologist Li Ou-fan sighs after a visit: “Hong Kong only has Lan Kwai Fong, but no Hanyuan.

The owner of the bookstore is Er Dongqiang, a famous photographer.

His works are often seen by the princes of the highest-selling newspapers in Shanghai, the “Weekly Pictorial”, which is the most popular one.

The owner also has a collection, and he can see many of his collections in the Hanyuan Bookstore, including three semi-circular bookshelves and some boutiques from all over the world.

  Address: No. 27, Shaoxing Road, Shanghai Tel: 021-64732526 readerclub (the favorite of Shanghai cultural people) Readerclub belongs to a publishing house, is a place where you can flip through books, chat, drink tea.

Although the variety of the book is a little less, it is not necessary to force it. If you really want to buy a book, you can go to another bookstore.

  The place where you drink tea is specially developed and separated from the place where the book is selected.

The glass windows of the store’s wooden panels are color collage, opaque, very Ouhua, fully in line with the city’s artistic conception.

The store also regularly reads the works of ancient poetry or novels from time to time.

  Address: No. 7 Shaoxing Road, Shanghai Tel: 021-64372608 20% discount for all books on Saturday afternoon. Jifeng Book Garden (a petty bourgeois bookstore) is the first to open on the revival road near the US Consulate.

The second store opened in the underground transportation hub of Huaihai Road, Shaanxi Road, the smallest transportation hub in Shanghai, Shaanxi Road Subway Station.

  Some poems, novels, dramas, and movies in other places are not found here. They are sold elsewhere, but they sell well.

  Address: Subway Station No. 1 Shaanxi Station Tel: 021-64459067 Luming Bookstore (graduate as the boss) Fudan is near the bookstore, “Luming” is just one of them.

Its reputation is extremely loud. In the minds of scholars, professors, writers and literary youths in Yangpu District, “Luming” means a cultural back window.

  The bookstore was founded by two graduate students from the Fudan Chinese Department.

“Luming” specializes in literature, history, philosophy, humanities and social sciences academic books. In the eyes of ordinary readers, the books it operates seem to be very biased, but it is precisely these very partial books that have cultivated many hardcore customers.

  Address: No. 334, Shanghai Guoquan Road, the most historic Shanghai-style Hengshan Road belongs to the scenery of “Shanghai”: the old Shanghai-style neighborhood Hengshan Road Pedestrian Street is a unique street with more than 400 plants on both sides of the street.The 60-year-old classical and Impressionist paintings of the French Indus Road and the fa?ade of the street, as well as the numerous bars on the street, make it known as the “Champs of Shanghai”.

  Toronto Road is a street where celebrities’ former residences are gathered. Lu Xun, Guo Moruo, Contradiction, Ye Shengtao and other literary giants in the history of modern Chinese literature have lived here.

The architecture here is diverse and there is also the name of “Xiaowanyuan Architecture”.

  “Wall Street in Shanghai” is the Bund of Zhongshan East Road, where 52 buildings of different styles stand like the Modern World Architecture Expo.

  Chenghuang Temple Shanghai Old Street, show you a scene of “Qingming Shanghe Tu”, the hawker’s screaming, the ancient street ancient alley, full of the atmosphere of the prosperous town of Jiangnan.

  The classic architecture, the open-air wine house, the fun tea house, and the secluded cafe form the other street of Yandang Road in Shanghai.

Here you can appreciate the life of Shanghai urbanites.

  The shopping street is Nanjing Road, Huaihai Road, and the tourist street is Tibet Road. Zhang is based on road, transformation, Fuzhou Road Cultural Street, and Lovers Street Taojiang Road. It is also worth taking a walk.

  There are tall sycamore trees on both sides of Shanyin Road. The Shikumen alleys on the east side are very deep, and the west side is very short. It is a good place to see the stone wares in the funnel hall.