No wonder Emperor Qin has been silent,The blade was hidden in this position。

“Wuhao,Would you accept this method?If you don’t want,Can refuse!”The mysterious woman in the light curtain hesitated,Speak slowly。
This remark,Everyone was in an uproar。
Unexpectedly, this woman in the inner circle would defend Wu Hao so much,Really unexpected。
but,Wu Hao doesn’t appreciate,But shrugged,Smiled:“I accept!Otherwise, some clowns always like to jump out and do things,Annoying!”
When I heard that Wu Hao actually agreed to this challenge,Marshal Hu was so excited that he almost didn’t vomit a mouthful of old blood。
The old man secretly said,“Wuhao, are you crazy??They clearly said you can refuse!This kind of request actually agreed,Is this deliberately looking for excitement??”
Know without thinking,Tie Qin Guo was prepared,Haven’t seen people even invite the first master to win??This is a dead end specifically for Wu Hao!
Marshal Hu gradually understood,Actually Wu Hao’s identity is alien,It doesn’t matter at all,As long as he agrees to use a duel to detect,Is to give Tie Qin the opportunity to kill him in public!
Everything before,It’s just an excuse and excuse,The purpose is to let Wu Hao take the initiative,Jump into this deadlock。
One thousand three hundred chapters Invincible