Urban bones love masterpiece

Urban bones love masterpiece

Last summer, some dating agencies in Shanghai created “love training courses.”

In the past, the murmurs of the past months have become the object of lectures and exercises in the classroom, causing divergent opinions.

Now, there is an upgraded version of the “love training class”, which is “love personal education”. Some people liken it to the graduate course of the Love Academy.Can you not get lost?

  Therefore, the “personal education”
model of one-on-one marriage counseling quietly emerged.

In the late summer and early autumn, this season is suitable for love, leading the lonely people in the city into the “fall fairy tale”.

  ”Love personal education” to open a small stove for love Some people say that love is just an emotion, but it should be a capability.

It is the ability to change the rules of nature, the ability to turn dryness into jade, and the ability to turn decay into magic.

  Recently, 21 white-collar workers in Shanghai took the lead in trying out a personal dating service called “Love Personal Education”. After spending 770 yuan to listen to a “love training class” for a day, they entered a 2-month one-on-one psychologist trackCoaching is to cultivate the ability to love.

  After the “month old” class, psychologist Chen Li, a 30-year-old lawyer, has been happy in the sea of love for many years.

At first, she chose to make friends online. As a result, after seeing the Internet’s falsehood and a handful of sincerity, she chose a dating party. Helpless Nei Su always felt that it was difficult to show her talents in places where she had to compete with others., Few gains.

Finally, she decided to “invest” in love, spent a blood to find a love headhunter, agreed to meet a guy with matching conditions a week, and turned out to be dead.

Now, after recognizing the advent of the “Love and Personal Education” service, she seems to have caught the last life-saving straw.

  According to a survey by reporters, most of the white-collar workers who currently favor “love personal education” are like Chen Li, who are highly-educated and highly-paid white-collar women.

Too many people are in neighborhood committees, with good temperament and decent talks. It is difficult to imagine that they will also encounter the problem of “big boss” in marriage.

  ”As a successful professional woman, her resolute personality is more favorable in career development, but it may not work in love.

Chen Li told reporters that after N failed friends, she suddenly understood the truth. A simple “month-old” matchmaking didn’t work. First, she had to get counseling from a psychological coach until she established a rational self-awareness and mate selection view.In order to succeed in love.

  Due to the strong market demand, some marriage agencies in Shanghai have begun to launch “love personal education” services. Although “love personal education” is still a fringe benefit of “love training courses”, a large number of dating agencies have stated that once the effect is good, Does not exclude the use of annual fees to provide customers with one or more years of love consulting services.

  Xu Tongyu, the head of a well-known marriage and love agency that first launched the “Love and Personal Education” service in Shanghai, told reporters that the first batch of more than 10 “Love and Personal Education” services launched in Shanghai are all professional psychological counselors with Level 2 certificates, but the differenceIn the past psychological counseling, “love personal education” pays more attention to continuity.

“The personal dating we hire is basically around 30 years old, and they are basically happy marriage operators. All of them come to debug the marriage mentality of single white-collar workers. It is easier to convince and become in-depth communication, so the marriage rate is higher.

“Arrange your homework and check the results of your love study” Some people simply don’t communicate with others, and when a blind date sits down and asks ‘what do you do?

With regard to these issues of how much money a month earns, there are also some exceptionally good female white-collar workers who always show their own advantages, and as a result, the man is inferior.

Liu Ruhong, a psychological teacher who engages in personal education services, told reporters that the problem of not making friends can also be solved through training. However, the biggest marriage and dating problem of female white-collar workers is that the dating mentality is incorrect, and the role of personal education is to let scholars learn to understand themselves.Regain the “love position” that you usually ignore.

  Gu Gu, a real estate analyst, told reporters that the second day after she had been coaching in a love training class, she received the first assignment of a “personal education” aimed at her introverted personality-actively dating three single men.

“I met a colleague and two college classmates for the first time, and it turned out to be my‘ Icebreaking ‘trip.

“I took the initiative three times, as if filling her heart with the courage to pursue love, and she was no longer afraid of being rejected.

  However, the cruel reality did not make Miss Gu’s love run smoothly. One week passed and the three boys did not intend to return to the appointment. Miss Gu thought of asking for help in “love personal education”, and as a result the personal education gave her a four-dimensionalGuidance, optimism, stability, accuracy) After testing, it was found that Miss Gu had a high alignment value.

“‘Love, Love, and Personal Education’ put forward corrections after integrating my dating experience. I have been too strong in love, covering up a gentle and kind motherhood inherent to women.

So my second assignment was to smile in the mirror every day.

“Usually,” love personal education “will build a msn group after the end of a training class to facilitate the communication and supervision between documents, thereby improving the ability of document love in a two-pronged approach.

If you linger at the door of love, personal trainers will also teach you some tried and tested tips: once at work every day, send a smiley face to your favorite partner through MSN, over time, such a touch of friendship will definitely move each otherBone spirits should avoid talking about work when dating, so as not to scare each other away and miss a good destiny; Two people who are not good at speaking together can choose outdoor casual and relaxed atmosphere, or invite more friends to date together,Not only avoid the embarrassment of big eyes and small eyes, but also can express the true self in free speech.

  Experts analyze why modern youth need love training?

  The generation of love is often described as a spark of calcium carbide, and people in love are often elusive, inevitably confusing the young people involved.

  ”Each person’s ability to love is different. The ability to love determines whether a person can harvest true love!

Some people can love others, but he can’t feel love, while others can feel love, but can’t give their own love!

Among them, a few are the single causes of high income white-collar workers with high blood pressure.

Xu Tongyu, who has been engaged in marriage services for more than ten years, said that because most single white-collar workers in China are now collecting tens of thousands of single children, they have faced high social pressure after entering the society.Without paying attention, the impetuous mentality of self-consciousness is too heavy, and “personal love” can teach young people how to perceive the inner world of others, and understand tolerance and giving.

  ”When I sign up for personal education, I almost want to have more knowledge about love, and I also want to learn how to care for others, and the more I can appreciate the love others have for myself.

A white-collar scholar concluded.  In response to the advent of the emerging industry of “love and personal education”, Ms. Wang Yuru, president of the Shanghai Psychological Counseling Industry Association, analyzed that some marriage agencies in Shanghai proposed that the current high-income white-collar workers are “single because of low love”.One-sided, but from a psychological perspective, “dating in love” does have some principles and rules, such as sincerity, trust, and some positive techniques, such as grasping the psychological characteristics of the other party.

  ”At present, emotional training has attracted much attention. Like various vocational skills training, it has a considerable potential market, but it is not suitable for every urban young man. It is difficult to conclude.

“The secret killer of the love training class” If “love personal education” is a new popular breed in the field of love training, then “love church” that appears in the form of training classes belongs to the older predecessors of love missionary teaching.More and more white-collar workers are rushing to expensive training classes . Psychological hypnosis is different from common training classes. There is no blackboard here, no notes, and all textbooks are told “Our courses can help you change some views, butEverything will eventually open up your heart. ”

  What is in love training?

Trainer Xiao Peng told reporters that adjusting psychology and getting along with each other is the key, and the curriculum includes interactive games.

For example, let the trainer observe the surroundings and say, in fact, many people do not notice many details around them, which also means that many daily life details in the busy life are ignored.

  Experts in love training allow scholars to personally experience the feeling of love, such as requiring scholars to make physical contact, shake hands with strangers, look at each other, and feel the close relationship between people; also understand their own subconscious, such as turning off the classroom lights completely,Let the books sit in the dark for 10 minutes and feel the light inside.

  Homemade love textbooks It is reported that the initial training class was the “Giant Mental Communication School” organized by Mr. Du of Beijing in an office building in Zhongguancun.

The discovery of personal emotional experience by psychologist Mr. Du helped scholars gain inspiration from second-hand experiences. Later, most love trainings followed this teaching-less teaching mode.

  However, through the continuous popularity of love training, some large well-known marriage and dating websites have begun to gather these “second-hand experiences” into a book to help urban women who are troubled by marriage to give pointers.

Earlier this year, Lily.com launched “Finding a Husband Training Class” for its nearly 10 million single members.

Author Lu Ye and psychologists have jointly designed a set of translations to test future marriage relationships.

Dividing women into husbands is divided into two basic courses and nine professional courses, which ultimately help women learn how to correctly express love and how to use love.

  International psychologists help out. Today, international masters have also killed the mainland. Dr. Kate, a master of American psychology and spiral psycho dramatist, opened a class in Shanghai last August to teach you how to love . after some warm-up games.The main content of this training is called the “spiral psychological drama” that can help people untie knots and heal wounds.

  Dr. Kate first reconstructs a storyteller as the protagonist of the psychodrama.

Later, according to the plot she described, the scene personnel were invited to play different roles, including actual characters such as “ex-boyfriend” and “boyfriend’s mother”, as well as abstract nouns such as “courage” and “stress”.

The protagonists experienced emotional involvement in the performance, and more and more people began to talk about their emotional stories. Some people choked, sobbed, and cried as they spoke.

There was also a woman who suffered from nausea and headache due to triggering her sadness, and then cried.