“Ok!This is easy,Is to think about the staff’s work arrangement,You know,The executives of these entertainment venues are shareholders of the group“Jin Yimei said and smiled slightly。

Xia Jian said disapprovingly:“It’s nothing?If you can, let them go back to the group to work,If you want to make trouble,Let them rest at home!This time the method must be hard,You take my words to them,Finally, everyone is discussing things”Xia Jian spoke very hard,Jin Yimei couldn’t help but nodded。
Wait for everything in the company to be arranged,He called Xi Zhen again,Tell her he’s going out,I won’t go back to the company this afternoon,If there is something special,Just call him。
Exactly at this time,Wang Lin sent me the address of Guo Meili’s hometown,Xia Jian took a look and said:“I am leaving,If things go well,Guo Meili will be in Pingdu tomorrow afternoon,You should also meet her by the way”
“Don’t fight like that,Everything has a process,Guo Meili lives in the mountains,Be careful when you drive”Wang Lin finished,So he went downstairs with Xia Jian。
Heiwa Switch’s car is waiting for Wang Lin,Xia Jian asked quickly:“Did you let Heiwa send you over??”
“No,Heiwa took me to the coach station,There is also a car to Pingdu at this point”Wang Lin said,He pulled the car door and got in。
Xia Jian hesitated and said to Heiwa:“You give Zhang Sangui a call,Just say I welcome him back,Do you understand what i mean?”
“Ok,I know,I’ll call him in a while”Heiwa said,So I started the car and left。
Xia Jian got in his car,I realized that the oil is running out,And this car is too dirty,He immediately called the security,Asked him to find the old Wang who drove the company behind。
Xia Jian arranged for Lao Wang,Lao Wang drove away in Xia Jian’s car。Xia Jian, who had nothing to do, walked into the elevator。Since he returned to the group,I haven’t gone to various departments to take a good look。Just have this time now,He just can use it。
The elevator stopped on the seventh floor,He went out。In an office,All employees sitting in the administrative personnel department and human resources department,Only the boss Zhang Le sits alone in a managerial office。
All employees are bowing their heads busy with their work,Occasionally speaking。Xia Jian walked gently with his hands behind his back,Fortunately, no one offender was found。
Xia Jian knocked on the door of the manager’s office,Just listen to Zhang Le shouting inside:“Please come in!”
Xia Jian opened the door and walked in。Zhang Leyi looked up and saw Xia Jian,I stood up immediately,She asked with a smile:“Why is President Xia free to come to us?”
“Take a look,feeling not bad,Seems to be doing things“Xia Jian said,Sat on the chair。