Suddenly the phone rang,Xiao Yadong took out his phone and took a look,Is a strange number,Hesitated,Pressed to answer。“Hey,Hello, Officer Xiao。”The voice of a man over the microphone,Somewhat stiff,It seems to have undergone certain sound quality processing。

Xiao Yadong suddenly became alert,“Who are you?Is there a problem?”
“An enthusiastic citizen。I witnessed the tragedy that happened on the Fuma Highway,I have clues to criminals to provide。”
Xiao Yadong,He immediately gestured to the police officer beside him,Hold your right hand like writing,“We welcome every enthusiastic citizen to provide valuable clues to the case,Can you leave your name and contact information if convenient?In addition,How do you know my mobile number?”Finished,He held the microphone with his hand,Low channel:”Positioning。“
“This is not necessary。The other party has two cars,One is a blue Buick business,The other one is blackBJJeep,All escaped from Highway 21。I also know the identity of one of them,Called Wei Dahai,Is Geng Huanzhang’s friend you are looking for。”The man’s voice is still stiff,The speed of speaking is extremely average,Like a robot。
But Xiao Yadong was stunned by the clues provided by the other party,“Hello,Could you please elaborate more?”Xiao Yadong gestured the Arabic numerals of the opponent’s number with his fingers,The policeman on the side took notes and showed him。
“Don’t bother,Positioning is useless。I’m just an enthusiastic citizen。”The other party hung up suddenly。
Xiao Yadong’s thoughts changed,“Locate now,Pan Zi,Continue to survey the scene。Hongmin,Take someone with me right away。”He yelled,Continuous command……
End of this volume
Chapter Ninety Six Strange land
I don’t know when I arrived at the destination,Anyway, the night is already deep。The first thing Uncle Geng came back was to ask Ahao to dispose of all the two cars。
Because the phone can’t get through,Uncle Hai and the others are crazy,Sent out several groups to find,Almost carried a canvas bag and went to battle in person。
Uncle Geng is simply a god,Touch the black,Almost drove the car into the ditch several times,Where there is obviously no road,I was squeezed by him。Although slowly,But just going around,I was out of the mountain road,Found the right place,The car is basically falling apart。
Xiang Dong finally failed to return,Everyone is in a bad mood,Uncle Geng can’t worry about fatigue,Gather in one room,May be discussing countermeasures overnight。
Due to daytime encounters and injuries,Li Tianchou is exhausted physically and mentally,The whole person is stiff。Not thinking about the environment of the place,Not even thinking about discussing the so-called fight with everyone,Xiao Song asked someone to help him arrange a small room to sleep。
The moment of lying in bed,He hopes to stiff neck,Even if it’s another nightmare,Because he really doesn’t want to face the scene that happened today。Especially when I am alone,The shot of the young man with sunglasses often appeared before his eyes,Suffocate him,Even crazy。