By each participant,Each person makes three dishes,Finally scored by the judges,Lowest score,Eliminated,And the highest score,Is the champion of today’s competition。

Ion Yang made all three dishes early,Right there arrogantly,Put your hands around your chest,Looking up at the busy contestants。
Koufu means right,When there are ten minutes left,Pressed the brass bell on the table,Means it’s done。
Not to mention Liu Yidao,He’s like nothing happened to him,Ring the bell early,Holding a plate in his hand,It contains some food that I don’t know what it is,Let the audience taste one by one。
but,All the audience are staring at this moment,The unfinished representative team of heaven and earth,And it seems that Liu Yidao
Met with disregard。
“ten,nine,Eight,Seven……”Until the host counts down to the last three seconds,Qin Feng came out of the mysterious state,Also at the last second,Pressed the brass bell。
“it is good,Although our host, the Heaven and Earth Team,Is the last one to complete,But it was also completed within the specified time,and so,I declare the game is over。”With the host’s voice falling。
The dishes prepared by the four contestants,All in the same container,And are marked,Number one,Number two,The number three is arranged in order for the judges to score。
Everyone’s dish,Are divided into three numbers,One is the first to taste。
For the fairness of the game,just,public,So it won’t appear on the vessel,Participant’s name,Or the unit represented by others。
So this vote is entirely based on the tastes of the judges and the audience,Score your favorite dishes。
An instant,All cameras,All aligned,Judge’s table。
For a time,Whether it is the judges,host,reporter,Photographer,Or the audience,Hold your breath,Unveiling this exciting moment。
When the judges put the lid of the utensils in front of them,After removing,The audience is boiling again。
Because they all saw,Whether it’s the heaven on earth,Koufu,Ion Yang or Liu Yidao,Their dishes are the same。
As the saying goes,If similar,Pure coincidence,But is this a little coincidence。