A small coup for the elderly to digest after meals

A small coup for the elderly to digest after meals

As the age of the elderly increases, the body’s function begins to gradually degenerate. At this time, it is easy to have gastrointestinal indigestion, and many digestive diseases will occur. Therefore, the elderly need to do some things to help digestion after meals.Is there any little trick?

Next, let’s take a look at the small tricks that help the elderly to digest after meals.

  One: bending over after a meal, you can bend a few waists after eating every day, probably bent into a 90-degree look, the amplitude must not be smaller than ninety degrees, but the bending action can not be too fast, you must do it slowly, each timeHold it for a minute or two after bending over and then get up.

  Two: After a meal, after each meal, about half an hour, you can go for a walk, about 20 minutes to half an hour.

After half a month, the bloating will be significantly relieved.

However, people with gastroesophageal reflux disease and reflux esophagitis should not use this method.

Because the food is affected by gravity, it will reflux to the esophagus and aggravate the symptoms of esophagitis.

Old people with high blood pressure should also try carefully.

  Three: Avoid the two habits after a meal. First, eat the fruit immediately after the meal, the food will be blocked by the early arrival, so that the fruit can not be digested normally.

The second is to drink tea immediately after a meal. The tannin contained in the tea will affect protein absorption and increase the burden on the stomach.

  These three small tricks that encourage digestibility after meals are summarized by many experts based on experience. They can promote the gastrointestinal indigestion of the elderly. Only when the nutrition is digested can it be fully absorbed, and the body can be better!