Create a long triangle "cabbage heart", how does Ma’anshan have "melt"?

Maanshanpu and the park. In the past few years, Ma’anshan City took Jiang Ning-Bowan New Function Zone, Ma’anshan Qingpu Industrial Park, Puhe Industrial Cooperation Zone, and the Industrial Partnership Area, Industrial Cooperation Park, and Dip Cooperative City.

Around Nanjing, Hefei dominates industry, strengthen industry division of labor, and form the communication newsletter of Cihu High-tech Zone, Zheng Puang New Area Semiconductor, Municipal Economic Development Zone Green Food Industry Cluster, has accumulated 1437 billions or more projects from Shanghai Zhejiang , Accounting for 59% of the provincial investment. "This cross-provincial community works mainly to play two effects, one is to explore, the second is the demonstration.

"San Jie, associate professor of the Party School of Maanshan Municipal Party Committee, believes that the block link, need to work hard, open inclusive cooperative mentality, more need to liberate ideas, break through the system of the system.

This is not afraid of the future, and it is unsatisfactory, and Ma’anshan has already accepted. "Innovation Management System and Cooperation Mechanism, High Level Building Jiangning – Bowloon New Function Zone.

Promoting the county – Pukou, Cihu High-tech Zone – Jiangning Binjiang Development Zone into the provincial ‘3 + n’ new functional area, coerturing Huashan – Jiangning, the coated – Gao Yu, including the mountain-Anshan, the depth integration Accelerate the construction of provincial industrial cooperation parks such as Maanshan Qingpu Industrial Park … "The tenth party congress in Maanshan City clearly proposed that the next five years will accelerate the depth into Nanjing, Hefei Metropolitan Circle, promote the county and Shanghai Su Zhe County (district) (district) to cooperate, promote more government service matters "cross-booked", public service resources "cross-market sharing", create a city and city life circle.