“At last,Everyone, please be rational,For those who have lost the ability to fight,Don’t kill。As for the invincible disciple,And surrender the resources you get,Prevent unnecessary trouble!”

After reading the rules,The disciples also walked into the organ city。
I wish Minglang go with Nan Lingsha,The two of them walked straight to the office city along an old long street。
About a thousand meters,When Zhu Minglang turned around,But found that the long street was gone,A dense forest appeared on the path I was walking just now,There seem to be some dilapidated villages in the woods……
Zhu Minglang’s face is full of surprise。
Is this city still active??
Institution City,This whole battlefield ancient city,Will change every once in a while,Inadvertently make people completely lost in the city??
This structure,It’s quite strange。
Keep going,really,All the layout of the organ city is changing。
Zhu Minglang and Nan Lingsha were going to walk across an empty meadow,But found one after another rocky buildings rising from the ground,The ground is also squirming,From the mud to a closely connected rock……
A stone city,Formed just under my nose,There is a main street that looks like a shop,There are also dense houses,It’s just that these shops and houses are made of rock,There is no one inside,Just like those mud cities that children squeeze out when they play。
The terrain keeps changing。
The layout is also changing。
The whole institution city itself is an institution maze,Those disciples who originally entered in the same direction,And quickly spread to different places。
And also very weird。
There is obviously a huge wall in the agency city,And the magnificent tower,It stands to reason to stand in this labyrinth organ city,How can you rely on these lost walls and towers as a direction to judge……
But they can’t see any tall walls at all!
It seems that the layout of the agency city,It’s not just the change of terrain pattern,There is still a shrinking exhibition,There is a blinding method,Make everything inside look more complicated!