Dormitory for four,Maui, the youngest and most naive, is already engaged,And still marry two at once!

Burke, the most reckless, was the first to have a girlfriend。
Wright is crazy about cultivation,Everyone who breaks one minute into two minutes has a confidante。
“I’m not alive!”Carl shook his head depressed。
Sack,The four laughed joyfully,After a while, I talked about how they would behave like a tiger when Wright stepped into the sanctuary.,And my future ambitions。
“I want to be the top alchemist!Wright must help me get some precious materials at that time,”This is maui,The wishes of the future Grand Duke of Mermaid Castle。
“Me,Not demanding,Become a seventh-level magician first,Marry Nini again,Let’s watch the rest slowly,Of course it’s better to reach level 8 and level 9,I will not give up spiritual practice。”Bole’s ambitions are not broad,But very warm。
“This one,Actually I have some ambitions for Sanctuary!”Carl said with some twist:“Although he refused to enter the sanctuary with almost half the probability of Wright,But for the magician,Late bloomers are normal,There are many who enter the sanctuary when their lifespan is near。”
“Me,In fact, the wish is very small,Let’s take a tour of Magnolia mainland,Then if there is a chance,Go to other planes!”
“This wish is still small,According to the latter standard,Sanctuary is not always a small goal!”
“Yep,Set a small goal first,Become a sanctuary!”
“This cowhide is blown on,Hahaha!”
Banquets always go away。
That night,In the courtyard of the Xiacheng District of the Imperial Capital,Wright sat cross-legged。
Peng Diao‘Little Elek’Look around beside Wright,Carefully protect Wright,Although after the necromancer event,The entire Xiacheng District has been renovated,Thousands of gangsters were arrested,Law and order are much better。But the master who really threatens Wright,But it is impossible to be caught by this level of action,
Xiaopeng Diao was indeed frightened by Wright’s coma last time,For others,Wright is a son、Is a disciple、Are brothers、Is a lover,But for it,Master Wright is everything。So it dare not relax at all,Staring vigilantly around。Although it knows,Can fight against the host’s enemy,It can’t even resist one or two。