One hour before going to bed is the golden period of health, doing 3 things, longevity is not far from you

One hour before going to bed is the “golden period” of health, doing 3 things, longevity is not far from you

After a day of work, I finally got to work. When I opened the door, I left the heavy work and interpersonal relationship. The time before going to bed was really my own. We can arrange it after dinner.Let yourself spend a relaxing evening.

However, few people know that one hour before going to bed is “golden time”. If this is completely wasted on the mobile phone, it is not worth it. It is better to do the following three things to keep you healthy and good: 1.

The benefits of soaking feet before going to bed are more than one day of fatigue. The best way to relieve stress is not to let Ge You lie, but to prepare a basin of water with proper temperature to allow your feet to fully relax.

The foot is rich in blood vessels and nerves, and there are a number of acupoints at the same time. The foot can stimulate the acupuncture points, thereby promoting blood circulation.

In the slowly rising heat, the feeling of tiredness gradually disappeared.

Soaking feet can also play a role in relaxing nerves to help sleep, especially those with insomnia or low sleep quality. After sleeping, the drowsiness will gradually come in, making it easier for you to enter deep sleep, for the next day’s work.And learn to lay the foundation.

The best golden time for soaking feet is about an hour before going to bed, so quickly put down your phone and go to prepare your feet.


Brushing your teeth before going to bed is more important than brushing your teeth before going to bed. In addition to removing the residue of food accumulated in your mouth, it can also protect your teeth, improve your sleep quality, and fully relax your mouth.

The most important thing is that some studies have found that brushing before bedtime can prevent and prevent the heart, because periodontal bacteria easily affect the heart function, leading to abnormal heart function, so it is necessary to brush your teeth before going to bed.

It is best to brush your teeth before going to bed to remove the food residue from the teeth and use floss if necessary.


Before going to bed, combing your head, soothe your heart and feet also have multiple acupuncture points, such as Baihui points in our head, but because you don’t know the acupoint knowledge, it is difficult to find acupuncture points, and the easiest way is to massage by combing your hair.Acupoints, but combing tools are not so simple, you can use the fingers of both hands to comb and massage the head, have a flat liver fire, open the role of keeping the gods.

Before going to bed, use your fingers to comb the scalp until the scalp is red and hot. It can even clear the blood vessels in the head, enhance memory, and stimulate the hair roots to reduce hair loss.

Massage the scalp acupuncture points to eliminate brain fatigue and make it easier for you to go to sleep.

In general, long-term adherence to the above three sleep habits can effectively improve physical fitness, prevent the emergence of various diseases, and improve sleep quality to a certain extent. When the quality of sleep is improved, the next day will naturally cause abundant.