Alex·Goodrich froze:Fucking!Can still play like this?!

Next second,He reacted:Fucking!Why can’t you play like this?!
There are many benefits of playing this way,There are three obvious benefits:
First of all,Early in the campaign,Can help parties resist firepower from the Democratic Party,Although Michigan has always been the base of the Republican Party,But the Democrats have never given up the chance of a disgusting Republican.,at this time,If he also declares to run for governor of Michigan,Naturally, it can distract some people from the Democratic Party,It means that the chances of the Republican Party winning are a little bit higher;
Secondly,Greatly reduced the level of vigilance within the party,If I rashly stated that I would run for governor of Michigan,It will inevitably disrupt the original arrangement of the party bosses,Ninety-nine percent will not get the support of the party leaders,But if you make it clear that your goal is not the governor,I just want to be an assistant to the candidates launched by the party、A target that attracts firepower during the campaign,Then the situation is completely different,High probability will be passed by the big guys;
As for the last point,If you get an advantage in the election by chance(Although the possibility is very slim,But it’s not that there is no possibility at all.?),What else to say?Just try to win,As for the opinions and attitudes of the party leaders?At that time,As long as I fully demonstrate my strength,Those big leaders in the party who have always been realistic have not adjusted their expectations?
Even the worst,Failed to run successfully,But I also missed a face in front of the party bosses,The success rate of getting the party to support yourself in running for state assembly is also much higher……
This is simply an attack、Retreatable poison……Oh,Do not!It’s a trick!
Alex·Goodrich’s complexion began to slowly become flushed:“Mr,you think……Really feasible?”
Chen Geng smiled slightly,Did not speak:Implication,Feasible not feasible,Don’t you have a bit of forcing numbers in your heart??
“I……I……”Alex·Goodrich’s old face is red again:“I think I can try it……But before that,You should first communicate with the bigwigs in the party。”
“That’s your business,”Chen Geng said with a smile:“I just provide corresponding support。”
“I understand,”Alex·Goodrich gave Chen Geng a deep look:“Mr,Thank you!I swear by my family’s reputation,I will thank you forever,Try my best to return you。”
Alex·Goodrich knew in his heart,Don’t even think you’re the mayor of Detroit.,Available within the Republican Party,Self-connect“Budding”Not even,After all, I’m not the son of some party boss,Don’t get the resources and credit endorsements of party leaders,Can only be regarded as“Party backbone”a part of,If you follow the usual development steps step by step,Want to reach the goal I set before,At least10To15Time of year。
But this time,The situation is different,If you get lucky,I have the opportunity to enter the top three rows of the party,Even if it’s just entering the state government team,Can also stand out within the party,And get more political resources training within the party,The worst,Even if it fails,I didn’t lose anything,I won’t lose any money,And all this,Fernandez in front of you·Mr. Chen brought himself。
“Mutual benefit,”Chen Geng waved his hand with a smile:“We have to look far enough……Alex,Message me as soon as possible。”
“for sure。”Alex·Goodrich nodded heavily。
“correct,”Right at Alex·When Goodrich got up to leave,Chen Gengcai seemed to say something casually:“I am going to set up an aircraft dismantling plant in China,Will this matter be troublesome?”