Kim So Yeon smiled:“That’s nothing,Only won the Chinese market,It is successful。There can be many games like this in Korea,But only you can make it stronger。The marketing fee for later promotion should be a sky-high price, right?!And only you have such resources。

Forget it,Let’s talk about feelings!Got this big deal done,How do you want to thank me?”
When Lu Menglin heard the word emotion,Can only show a jealous smile。
“or?Your breakfast, lunch and dinner,My mom is all inclusive?”Lu smiled very spinelessly。
“OK!Mr. Lu Menglin,Please advise for the rest of your life!I will get along well with your mother!”Kim So Yeon’s eyes were filled with joy.,Smiled sweetly。
Chapter Three Hundred and Forty Eight Visitors from Hong Kong Island
“and so,Actually you are only on vacation this time?I’m going back to Korea in the next year?”Lu Menglin was a little surprised when he heard the news,But as expected。
“Yes,Be self-willed occasionally,There is still a lot of work to do over there。”Kim So Yeon nodded,With the sweetest smile。
“Can get Lu Menglin’s approval,I’m already satisfied!Me and Daewoo Group,Will become your strongest ally。and so,Please keep working hard!”
Kim So Yeon decided to go back to Korea,Because she suddenly wanted to understand a truth,If you want the man you love to like yourself,Then you have to be the one worthy of him。
Pure and beautiful love,Just a flash in the pan,Destined to have no future。
Only help his career,To stay by his side forever。
Although Lu Menglin proposed,Let Kim So Yeon coordinate the legendary culture and game industry for herself,But in her opinion,Do this job well,It’s not just with a clever mind.。
Kim So Yeon’s value is not here.,Only to become President Kim again,To maximize the mobilization of resources,Help your beloved man。
Not to mention,The road to love is long and long!