I don’t care for the elderly, I only need a doctor?

Follow these 6 diet tips and get less sick

I don’t care for the elderly, I only need a doctor?
Follow these 6 diet tips and get less sick

As the elderly grow older, the organ function of the body begins to deteriorate. It is not suitable for daily care and diet conditioning, and it is easy to suffer from various chronic diseases.

Therefore, the elderly should think that they should be healthy and healthy. In normal times, they should start from the diet to regulate the body.

So how should the elderly be healthy?

How should the elderly care for their health?

1, eating some nuts and nuts every day, the nutritional value of the food is very high, contains the body’s vitamin E and fatty acids, and is rich in b vitamins, but also contains calcium, iron, zinc, manganese and other trace elements,Providing nutrients and energy to the body can integrate the role of assisting chronic diseases.

However, the elderly should not eat nuts excessively to avoid indigestion.

2, appropriate increase in quality protein in the elderly should be appropriate to eat some soy products and dairy products, should also eat some lean meat and eggs, these foods contain high-quality protein, when drinking milk, if there is indigestion, etc.Abnormal symptoms can change the consumption of yogurt, yogurt can improve health, and can be supplemented with rich calcium.

3, pay attention to reasonable diet structure Many elderly people have the habit of diligence and thrift. In the usual diet, friends eat and eat, and have less lifestyle. This kind of diet is actually not good for health. Older people should eat more vegetables and fruits.You should eat more soy products, and you should also eat more lean meat and fish. You should reduce the intake of rice so that you can balance your nutrition.

4, eat less cooking, eat more mixed vegetables, the elderly diet should be light, in the usual cooking method will increase a small amount, and is not conducive to blood pressure and weight control, it will increase the risk of heart and brain disease, soIn the usual way of cooking, the elderly should adopt the method of stewing and steaming, or the method of cold salad, and should eat less cooking.

5, eat more vegetables, fruits should be limited. We know that vegetables and fruits are rich in vitamins and minerals. It is a kind of fiber-rich food, and it also contains the antioxidants needed by the human body to delay the effect of aging.Therefore, it is best for the elderly to guarantee a pound of vegetables every day. They can eat green leafy vegetables and fungi, but the sugar content of the fruit is relatively high, so eating about 200 grams of fruit per day is enough.

6, do not always use a food for the elderly when choosing food oil, it is best to change every month, it is best to add olive oil and tea tree oil, if possible, you can also put linseed oilAnd flax oil.

It can completely regulate the body’s blood pressure and blood lipids, and can enhance the body’s immune function.

Warm reminder that if you want to be healthy and healthy, you must pay attention to your diet. In your usual diet, you should pay attention to the reasonable balance. You should eat more grains, and don’t eat too much every meal. It is best to eat seven full., don’t overeating, don’t smoke or drink.