Marriage crisis becomes suicide number one killer

Marriage crisis becomes suicide number one killer

Over 90% of suicides have been significantly stimulated by World Suicide Prevention Day. Shanghai announced the first suicide emergency inpatient survey report, struggling with helplessness, and self-isolating day by day until it was on the road to suicide.

Every year, Shanghai has many lives and seeks relief by suicide.

The first survey of suicides in Shanghai also showed that young people accounted for the majority of those who chose to commit suicide because of the “unbearable burden of life”.

  On the fourth World Suicide Prevention Day, the reporter approached a suicidal depression patient, personally experienced part of her treatment, and experienced the pain she was facing.

In the face of life on the verge of suicide, reporters are deeply aware that they need too much understanding and help, too much hope for life, and this is the theme of this year’s suicide prevention day: “Understanding Inspires New Hope.”

  The reporter experienced a suicidal depression treatment order, and it did n’t make sense to be alive. Wang Fang (pseudonym), a salesperson of a foreign company in this city, because a three million order was not negotiated half a year ago.She started to feel depressed and time passed by a little bit, but the “state of mind” was getting worse and worse. In her own words, “I feel like I can’t lift anything up. I have been in love with my boyfriend for several years, but suddenly I feel likeLove for him has also been reduced by more than half.

“So she started going to the hospital for” psychosomatic treatment “and was diagnosed with depression and has developed a suicidal tendency.

A few days ago, the reporter personally experienced a part of Wang Fang’s treatment. For the key posture of Wang Fang, Dr. Sheng Xiaochun, deputy chief physician of the Department of Psychosomatic Medicine, Oriental Hospital, analyzed and commented.

  Wang Fang’s opening remarks: Doctor, do you think you inherited alive?

What’s the point of your doing this job? Every day you see people like me who have a problem in their brains. There is no color in life.

  Doctor: Actually, sometimes, sometimes I often think about this problem, but in addition to work, there are many other things in my life. Outside of work, I like to party with friends, sing karaoke, and spend time with my family.A very pleasant thing.

  Comment: This is the “opening speech” of the most typical depression patients. In fact, it is only in conversations with doctors. In daily life, such patients also “excessively” discuss in conversations with friends and family.”A question that is not interesting alive.”

This is also their “suggestion” to the outside world, and also the first “signal for help”.

  Fang Wang described the cause: Actually, I knew in my heart that it was a 3 million list. I have always been excellent. For system integration, this list is not much, and no one said anything about me, but why is it so big?I’ve talked about the list. I can’t figure out how to make such a small thing. Is my ability starting to fail? The new woman is younger than me, and her performance is very good. Although the list is not big,But talking about one by one, I think I really can’t.

  Doctor: You should give yourself a little “space” and don’t push yourself too tightly.

Take me as an example, there is more than one patient who does not follow the doctor’s order, but I can see most of the patients, so I consider myself a qualified or arguably a better doctor; you just have a list withoutTan Cheng, so compared to me, your success rate is three years higher.

  Opinion: The external cause that causes people to suffer from “depression” is often caused by the “inadequacy” caused by a trivial matter.

Poor work performance in life, marriage failure, and broken love can lead to self-denial.

  Wang Fang’s plea: Actually, doctor, I know I have no problem, just a little bit unhappy, so you do n’t need to prescribe me, and I do n’t want the medical record card. I can recover through it.

  Doctor: I think your opinion, but appropriate scientific medication can help you to walk out of the state it is in, and the dosage of the drug is not large, and there will be no side effects. You can rest assured.

  Opinion: Influenced by traditional concepts, people think that “face is more important than life”, so seeing a psychiatrist becomes a “unseen thing”; and taking related drugs is more likely to cause “fear” deep inside many patients.

In fact, for many depression patients, taking certain drugs can improve the effect of improving complications, and following the doctor’s order can “cure” depression.

When looking at the physical and mental problems, we can neither “arbitrary disease avoidance medicine” nor even “arbitrary disease avoidance medicine”.

  Wang Fang’s power: Doctor, you do n’t have to do it before. You do n’t have to call me. You really need to call me. It ‘s best to use a mobile phone.Colleagues know and don’t want to let her boyfriend know.

  Doctor: Yes, I will tell you my contact information. If you have any questions, please contact me in time.

  Opinion: Many times treat depression, especially those with suicidal tendencies. Family and friends often stand on their “opposite side”, because they do not have relevant scientific knowledge and often have the illusion of depression patients.Will do something “harmful to others”, but expect them to alienate.

In fact, I often come into contact with these patients. Many of them are good people and people with good culture. They will not hurt you, but just need more care and love.

  Marriage crisis became the “number one killer” On the 10th, the Shanghai Psychological Counseling Committee for Psychological Counseling and Therapy announced the “Analysis of 121 Suicide Emergency Inpatients in General Hospitals”, which is also the first copy of the city’s emergency suicides in some general hospitalsThe survey was jointly completed by the Xuhui District Mental Health Center, Pudong New District Public Benefit Hospital, the Eighth People’s Hospital and the City Shuguang Hospital.

As one of the initiators of civil suicide intervention, Dr. Shan Huaihai interpreted the report for this newspaper.

  Suicide age: mostly young adults. “What we usually see is a person suddenly jumping off the building or cutting their wrists. This is not the case in theory. A report of our suicide investigation also confirmed that no one would choose to end life easily.

“Shan Huaihai said.

“Investigation analysis” showed that among the 121 respondents, the age was mainly young adults; further investigation showed that 90 of 121 people.

9% of suicides were marked by high-level psychosocial stress events in the first two weeks.

  The so-called psychological and social stress event is, in popular terms, “a stimulus” or a change in marriage, family, career, etc.

Dr. Shan Huaihai explained that although there was no complete investigation into suicide, at least one study registered 2,725 suicide attempts, which initially showed that 13% had a history of suicide attempts, with an average age of only 32 years.

  Suicide Gender: Almost 80% of women usually say “woman is stronger than man”.

However, the fact of “survey and analysis” has been refuted by this statement: out of 121 people, there are only 25 cases of men and 96 cases of women, accounting for nearly 80%.

  “人们往往以为女人的眼泪可以发泄掉心中的‘委屈’或者‘愤懑’,而男儿因为有泪不能轻弹,因此压抑在胸中的不良情绪更可能‘要命’;但事实上眼泪并不能完全拯救女人,其实总体来说,女人的心理承受能力更差,她们可以长期承受小的压力,但突如其来的‘变故’却可以一下子把她们压垮。Dr. Shan Huaihai explained.

  Suicidal education: 40% of those with high school education or higher are likely to be jealous, as are those with higher education.

The “survey and analysis” showed that among 121 people, 49 cases (40 were high school or above).

5%), of which 21 cases had junior college education (17.


  In this regard, Shan Huaihai said that the results were both unexpected and unexpected: a vertical survey of 3,000 college students in the city showed that 25% of college students had the idea of death.

“有这个想法是一回事,真正实施了又是一回事,四成人都受过高中以上教育,通常我们会认为他们是‘比较明白事理的’,走上了这一步不仅是亲人的痛,It is also a pain in society.

“Causes of suicide: The crisis in marriage and love has become the” number one killer “. Suicides are committed for” causes “: 110 of 121 (89.

3%) In the two weeks before the suicide, there were significant psychosocial stress events at the high level, and only 13 people had been diagnosed with mental illness.

These mainly include interpersonal problems, family conflicts, marital problems, love problems, work and study stress, etc.

Among them, suicide caused by marriage and love accounts for more than 20%.

  ”Marriage is becoming a hurdle in the lives of young adults.

“Shan Huaihai said.
He told reporters that a report by the City Psychological Association’s Psychological Counseling and Therapeutic Committee, which focused on suicidal subjects, showed 32.

6% of people commit suicide due to the love crisis.

Experts say that because the sample is not large enough, suicides may far exceed this figure.