Chinese painting famous Song Lujing painted "Nanling Xiu Xiu" as New China

Original title: National Painting Master Song Lanjing is drawn "Nanling Yuxiu" is a new Chinese Qingheng recently, and the Dangdang, the deputy dean of Guangzhou Painting, Song Lujing, a month of the month, plotted into a large-scale national painting "Nanling Xiu" to celebrate The People’s Republic of China is 72 years old.

  Mr. Song Lujing as a famous contemporary mountain water painting, its pen under the mountains, often crossing the sea, everywhere, intentionally, has a aura, is really fun, affectionate. In the "Nanling Xiu", he rushed into a long, self-contained, with a wide vision and delicate stroke, and browned the infinite spring light of the Ninnanling.

  In this super large Chinese painting, Song Lujing’s pen is often ax, and it is used to use, such as floating.

And its coloring is clear and gentle, and it will be clear and gentle.

The full picture of the view, I saw the bridge of the bridge in the clouds, and the beautiful and elegant and pitiful.

In the spring, the fire-red wooden cotton tree is mixed between the mountains, and the mountains in the distance of Xia Guang should, and it is a power of the South China Spring Festival.

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