On blood turbidity and treating disease

On “blood turbidity” and “treating disease” 一、血浊的内涵  “血浊”二字,首见于《灵枢·逆顺肥瘦》,其文曰:“刺壮士真骨,坚肉缓节监监然,此人重则气涩血浊. “Zhang Zhicong noted:” If his person is cloudy, then Qi and blood are cloudy. “It can be seen that” blood turbidity “here has the meaning of muddy blood. Later generations of doctors often called “phlegm turbidity”, “wet turbidity”, “foul turbidity”, “turbidity poison” and so on, while the discussion […]

Happy latin aerobics

Happy latin aerobics Latin aerobics is the product of the organic combination of Latin dance and aerobics. It mainly consumes members’ excess waist and abdomen. However, it is neither as standard and difficult to learn as Latin, nor as boring as aerobics. In addition to inheriting the easy-to-learn characteristics of aerobics, it also has the […]