Animal stick figures enrich imagination

Animal stick figures enrich imagination The so-called animal stick figure is to use simple lines to draw the main appearance features of animals. Details must be removed, key features highlighted, and complex images simplified. Animal sketches are easy to master, can almost stimulate children’s interest in painting, and can also cultivate children’s shorthand ability, generalization […]

Blood tonic-pumpkin

Blood tonic-pumpkin Pumpkin, also known as melon, papaya, cape gourd, winter melon, is the fruit of squash family squash. It is native to the coastal areas of southern Asia and has been planted in various places. The young melon can be used as a vegetable and has a sweet and delicious taste. It is one […]

Ginger: a good helper for skin diseases

Ginger: a good helper for skin diseases Ginger is spicy, slightly warm, and has the functions of dispersing cold, warming, and detoxifying internally; external application can stimulate the skin to enhance blood circulation and inhibit trichophyton, and can treat various skin diseases.   Alopecia areata: Fresh ginger slices are rubbed repeatedly on the affected area until […]