Li Hui also didn’t think that the other party is so bold,Especially when the other party holds his arm,It is also constantly changing in front of you.,Let Li Hui’s whole people feel bad.。

“Scull,I really do something.,Do you want to change your day??”
“no,You don’t go today.,Is not a son。”
Zhao Xiaoli is also clearly feeling that Li Hui’s muscles like granite is generally hard and strong.,Even her, the more I feel, I feel that my body is soft.。
Feel Zhao Xiaoli is more and more bordered by your body.,Li Hui Feng hurriedly agreed。
For Zhao Xiaoli, he also understands.,That is a bold woman。
I even gave his clothes on the spot. He felt it.。
“Good,I go,Don’t I still do it??
I am walking in front of you first.,I clean up a yard.,With you。”
This slowdown for Li Hui Feng,Zhao Xiaoli did not believe in the roots。
“no,Must be with me,I push electric vehicle,Solver you don’t go。”
In the end, Li Hui is also quite helpless.,Can only follow Zhao Xiaoli。
When they walk into the yard,Li Hui Feng found Zhao Xiaoli’s younger brother。
He knows that the other party seems to have always gave him a good face.。
“Xiao Li,quick,Come back,I have been fried in this dish.,Just waiting for you.,I have to drink a cup tonight.,We can have been drinking for a long time.。”
Liu Dafu saw Zhao Xiaoli really gave Li Hui’s way.,The face is also happy。
Li Hui Feng can come,So many things are basically equal to。
Zhang Erzhuang is also a face of enthusiasm.。
As for Zhao Xiaoshan,This time no face。
After all, Liu Dafu did not say anything.,He nature is not good to say。
However, since the last time I saw Zhao Xiaoli’s affection for Li Hui,He is not happy in his heart.,But this time I heard my second sister Zhao Xiaoling seems to be with Li.,He is a bit happy。
After all, Zhao Xiaoling is not a small age.,Old girl in the countryside is。
And Li Hui also has a young man.,Moneyless,It is also good for people.,As for the vegetables of lotus village,He also knows,But he feels that it is not weird to follow the wind.。
It is also the villagers who are quilted by Lotus Village.。
“Hey-hey,I have eaten Liu Shu.,No need to be busy。”
Looking at Liu Dafu, who is apron is busy,Li Hui Feng is also sorry.。
But today I have Zhao Xiaoshan and Zhang Er.,He is relaxed.,At least, I will not worry about Liu Dafu in the drink in the wine.。
As for Zhao Xiaoli, it won’t take the initiative to take the initiative to close him.,After all, I will give Liu Dafu face.。
Zhao Xiaoli heard that Li Hui Feng this,Take it directly from Liu Dafu to take the past.。
“You drink first,I gave you a few hard vegetables.。”
“Scull,No need to trouble,I really have to eat at home.。”