Just, no matter where the heart is strong, he disdain, but the people who bullied people.,But since the other person is coming today.,He also wants to count this account with the other party.。

Looking at Li Hui’s face,The eyes are still full of fear.,She immediately understood,This is bullied by your own son.,I want to find myself to ask for mercy.。
“Giggle,Remember,Boy,Who knows who you are playing my son??
You tell me me,Or call him down,I promise that my son will never bully you.,How about it?”
“Oh,The youth of the Wangwang sea has come。”
Li Huifeng This is the first time to mention the name of his classmates before the other side.。
Just when the other party is constantly looking for,Zhang Hongyang also rushed over,He didn’t expect that the school will actually encounter so many things.。
“what happened?”
Zhang Hongyang just asked in a faint,But the momentum of the ungentry, but it shocked a lot directly.。
“My son was hit.,We want a fair,Is it wrong??”
I heard the other party,Zhang Hongyang brow does not help but wrinkle,After all, this thing is just that I just learned.,I haven’t waited for him to make actions.,The other party has blocked the school gate.。
“Hey-hey,President,Can this matter give me??”
I saw Li Hui Feng from this time.,Zhang Hongyang’s brow does not help but wrinkle,Some angry path:“Your kid is, I want to give me a chaos or a?”
For Li Hui,Zhang Hongyang did not find out the other side of the way.,Although Li Hui Feng is from the mountain village, But from mountain villages can’t know so much big,Among them, there is also a signature of Li Hui’s bio awards in Nobel.。
This is a matter of nothing.,Some people can’t achieve this achievement in their lives.。
Therefore,In many decision-making,He will have some hesitation。
“Hey-hey,I promise to handle this thing well.。”
Li Hui’s self-confidence, let Zhang Hongyang have a bit wonderful,But thinking that the convenience is the hopper,Since you dare to get back so much, it must be。
“Row,Your kid gives me a look。”
The two people’s dialogue can be clearly listening in the mother’s ear of Wang Daihai.。
I think that my son is interrupted.,The school did not deal with it.,Actually, when she is so big, I am so shake.,She is even more angry.。
“You don’t do it.,If I don’t deal with me, I will report.。”
“Hey-hey,Aunt,You alarm,The person who hits your son is me.,But you have to think about it.,I am also the mountain gap.,If you go in, even if you have the case, I will plant it.,Don’t find a job,Impact on me is not very big.,But Wang Dahai wants to go in the case,Then find a job later, there will be a problem.?”
I heard Li Hui Feng said this.,Wang Dahai’s mother immediately opened his eyes, some can’t believe in Li Hui Feng.。
How did she not think that a young youth of her son is so thin that Li will look at the wind like this.,And it is still so serious。
“Humph,You played my son,It must be you in,Why do my son go in??”
When I said this,The opponent’s arrogance is also very arrogant。
In her eyes, my son has been bullied.,There is no problem with love fighting.。
“hehe,indeed,I will act in this matter.,But have you ever thought about your son’s doing things outside the school?
Don’t say to interrupt his ankle,It’s not too much to kill him.,Do you know your son??”
Li Hui Feng’s question is asked,Wang Daihai’s mother stunned directly。
I used to doubt those vessels in my family.,But Wang Dahai said that it is an experiment.,She didn’t care,After all, it is your own pro son.,She feels that Wang Daihai is also mixed with it.。
But this is said that Li speaks with the wind.,Her feelings suddenly fall into the bottom of the valley。
For poisonous things,She also understands,As long as it,Rehabil suction rate is 100%,Basically, no one can really quit.。
“impossible,My son is impossible to do this.,And even,Then he is not a vendor,Impossible。”
“hehe,How do you confidence??
If you say your son is one of the rings??”