Do not wash the bottom of the bowl?

Hidden deadly bacteria

Do not wash the bottom of the bowl?
Hidden deadly bacteria

Most of the listeners will cover their mouths and laugh.

Who can’t wash dishes? This is a lot of people doing housework every day, and everyone has their own tricks.

  The company’s white-collar Miss Ma, usually busy with work, rarely cook at home.

I only buy food on the weekends to “sell” myself or to greet my friends to eat.

She has a convenient and trouble-saving trick, keep the bowl after dinner, and wash it at night.

  Miss Ma’s lover is very accustomed to her practice, always saying she is lazy.

His method is to soak the tableware and then wash it.

When people wash dishes, they usually only pay attention to the inside of the bowl, not the bottom of the bowl. As a result, when the bowl is stacked, the bacteria at the bottom of the bowl are brought to another bowl.

  Professor Yang Guohua, director of the Department of Internal Medicine of Wangjing Hospital of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, said that the above several methods of dishwashing are not correct and should be corrected in time to protect their stomach.

Many times, eating at home can also cause harassment. It may be that there is a problem at the time of dishwashing.

  Professor Yang said: “There are many types of microorganisms that transmit diseases in the body, such as Salmonella, Proteus, Vibrio parahaemolyticus, Shigella, Escherichia coli, etc. Some of these bacteria are easy to adhere to, and when the dishes are not noticed, the bacteria will be produced or attached.Around the bowl, causing an internal system infection after use.

“Even if the bowl is immersed in tap water that has been filtered and sterilized, the dishes must be washed with running water on the faucet.”

Moreover, the longer the soaking time, the more likely it is to breed harmful bacteria.

Professor Yang said.

  The correct method of dishwashing is to first wash off the oil inside and outside the bowl with detergent, then rinse it with running water. After washing, use the boiling water of 100 °C to burn the tableware, so that it remains around the bowl.The harmful bacteria will not pose a “threat” to our internal systems and digestive systems.

  In addition, there are many high-tech products such as cupboards with infrared disinfection function in the mall, and some disinfection and sterilization effects can also be utilized.

However, consumers should pay attention to the product’s eligibility when purchasing.