Also incredible!

The tiger stone box and the old patriarch Qiao Renfu,More mysterious。
But this diary also confirms Qiao Tianyu’s previous conjecture,It seems that foreign forces have never given up their coveting the tiger stone box!
Early next morning,Qiao Tianyu wears a pair of panda eyes,Come to Alpha Company,Make final preparations for today’s war。
8:45,There is still the last quarter of an hour before the agreed time with Rubin and George。
Henry has followed Qiao Tianyu’s orders,Lock them both in the meeting room,Without any interruption。
And Qiao Tianyu is standing in front of the computer and phone,Close your eyes,Started the final calculations。
“no problem!Absolutely no problem!”
Qiao Tianyu closed his eyes,Reorganize the plan in my mind,Really no problem。
Everything is ready now,Just the last horn of charge!
“This time!”
When the hand of the wall clock points to nine o’clock,New York Stock Exchange knocks the gong to open the market,Qiao Tianyu, who had been calculating time in his heart, suddenly opened his eyes。
He habitually pinched his nose twice with his right hand,Shout in my heart。