Can’t swallow and can’t vomit what’s wrong_1

I can’t swallow anything

The “Meiheqi” certificate is related to the stagnation of seven emotions and unfavorable air conditioning, especially seen by women.

  Ding Ling . The rushing ringtone broke the silence of the night. At 10 o’clock in the evening, who else would call?

Dr. Wu picked up the phone to answer. It turned out that it was an old friend who hadn’t seen each other for more than a year, a very famous singer Ms. Lin called.

  Ms. Lin complained that there were many performances a few times ago, and she was bombarded repeatedly, and she felt tired. The last performance happened when the weather suddenly became cold.I’m sick.

He was sore and had a headache. He had a high fever and chills that night, and his throat was like a tear.

Hurry to the hospital to see a doctor, injection and medication, and finally solved most of the problems, but I always feel that there is phlegm in the throat, swallow it, and spit it out, like a hard block stuck.

I ate several kinds of antibacterial drugs and proprietary Chinese medicines for clearing heat and detoxifying, including taking laryngeal tablets, at home, to no avail.

The symptoms seem to have worsened these days.

After a week there are important performance tasks, but the throat still looks like this, what can I do?

It ‘s not good to take so many medicines. Is it possible to get throat cancer?

Ms. Lin grew more and more afraid, so she called overnight to ask Dr. Hao for help.

  Dr. Wu asked Ms. Lin to come over immediately and examined her throat carefully. No abnormalities were found.

Based on the pathological changes of TCM, Ms. Lin’s resistance was reduced due to excessive use of excessive sound and excessive fatigue, which caused external evils to invade. She should not have eaten hot food on the same day, causing wind and fire to attack the throat.

Although promptly treated by the hospital, phlegm fever was not completely removed.

Chinese medicine believes that the liver is comfortable and malignantly depressed. If you worry too much, it can lead to liver dysregulation and depression. It will retrograde along the meridians and gather together with the evil of phlegm and heat in the throat, making the throat seem to be obstructed.Can’t swallow, can’t swallow it, and pass the change of emotions, changing from time to time.

This belongs to what is called “Meiheqi” in Chinese medicine.

  The “Meiheqi” certificate is related to the stagnation of seven emotions and unfavorable air conditioning, especially seen by women.

Volume III of “Chi Shui Black Pearl” of the Ming Dynasty first proposed the disease name of “Mei Nu Qi”: “. Mei Nu Qi, the larynx intermediary is like a stalk-like sputum, and the sputum clumps in the larynx.

I can’t swallow it.

“Ms. Lin’s pulse card is mainly phlegm, fire and depression.

For the prescription, Dr. Wu replaced Shugan Jieyu, qi stagnation, dispersing sputum and removing phlegm, and clearing the heat of Pinellia hunpu decoction, and even took it once a day for 7 days.

At the same time, Ms. Lin was asked to make lean broth with 25 grams of traditional Chinese medicine Achyranthes bidentata and 3 grams of Chenpi.

Take the same medicine for 7 days as adjuvant treatment.

Dr. Wu told her to eat less fried, spicy food and spicy food when she went back, and told her that the disease was not a big hindrance. She didn’t have to be too alarmed. She could relax, drink a glass of salt water every morning, and pay attention to exercise.

Three days later, Ms. Lin called Dr. Wu to tell her that her symptoms had alleviated a lot, but there was still a little phlegm.

After 7 days of follow-up, there were no major obstacles.