And the doggie said,It is the essence of large life,Much better than the average large life essence。

“No wonder these Tianlong people are as weak as chickens,But the level is not low!”
Drink this stuff since childhood,Life level will never be too bad,Maybe this Tolchak’s life level has reached the seventh or even the eighth level.。
It’s just that they don’t fight,So I can’t perceive it,Life level is just to ensure the other’s youth,Then you can slightly increase life。
Leo suddenly remembered Charl Rose from his previous life,The guy who looks like a gust of wind can blow down,It’s okay to be beaten up by Luffy。
Luffy’s fist was not too weak at the time,At least hit the murloc lady Amy,Will make the other person cry for a long time。
But Charl Rose is basically fine,It can be seen that Charles Roth is actually not so weak。
“Good!”Leo nodded。“if so,Just a small cup is enough!”
The specified large life essence is definitely more expensive than the ordinary large life essence,A small cup is not low value。
Tolchak nodded and crossed his hands.:“Look at this,Don’t let Leo suffer,Give me more!”
“Yes,Torchak St!”The subordinates responded immediately。
Finished,Tolchak rides the monster,Ran without looking back。
That little Tianlongren also ran over with the monster at this moment,Then facing Leo Dao:“The drink you want us to drink, right?Can I also use that checkout??”
“of course,of course!”Leo smiled。