“If this means,Just take it out。”

at this time,Wang Teng was talking,Start to shoot。
originally,These people may be okay。
But here,When these people see here,obviously,Actually, they didn’t even think,It will become what it is now。
I just looked in front of my eyes and started,In this situation,Actually how to solve these things,This is particularly critical。
And when seeing these,no doubt,Next,How to solve this problem,It’s actually very strong。
Looking at all these brought before me,Actually from the current point of view,How to deal with this matter,these questions,It’s still the key。
I just watched and started,The more it is,Actually here,For these things,at this point,It’s more critical。
And after watching for a while,Now,Wang Teng thinks the more he feels,This thing came very well。
Just look into the distance,at this point,What should I do,Just this thing,It’s actually very simple。
And the more so,Actually from now on,What will this bring,Actually just these things,It’s not easy。
And at the same time,The other side,For such things,How to solve it。
I won’t talk about other things for now,But such a problem,In fact, this must be handled properly。
And seeing these,For Zhao Shijie,He is still here waiting for news。
“How’s it going?”
Zhao Shijie finished speaking to the people around him,obviously,These things,It’s more important to come。
And the more so,In fact, for such things,It’s very strong。
“Young master,We don’t know,But Wang Teng must be here。”
Finish with the people around,obviously,This point is more critical。