The classroom orientation is also different。But if it is designed,Can also be regarded as the same,At this time, Xiao Fan said to the two of them:“You can go to the second floor to have a look。”

“Maybe the second floor and the first floor。Also different。”
So a few of them went up to the second floor and took a look at it. The layout of the classroom on the second floor was exactly the same as that on the first floor.
Then I went to the third floor again,So,If you want every class to feel different。
The position of the different doors and windows of the internal design is now determined.,When you buy the doors and windows, you can install them directly.。
Nothing can be changed,So the only thing that can change is the internal words,The location of the blackboard,The location of the book corner,The position of the cleaning tool is also changeable.。
This needs to be designed after they walk through the entire teaching building。Lin Yoona,Found that their stairs did not have handrails。
Lin Yuner said to Xiao Fan:“Why is there no handrail on this staircase??”
“If it’s a kid,On the second or third floor,They should go back and forth。It absolutely must have handrails,So as to。Some insurance。”
Xiao Fan felt right after listening to Lin Yoona,Why haven’t handrails been installed?
Sooner or later, I thought about it,Stair handrails。The big frame design that caused the accident has been completed,And every classroom has been built。
The exterior design of the entire teaching building。The exterior building has also been completed,So the staircase design in this teaching building should belong to the internal design
and。This should be done by Lin Yun and Baiqi。In addition, the wall design and ground design inside the classroom should be their work。
So now the whole school is full of concrete empty shells。Without any internal design。