You can be a pretty mom if you steal the maintenance of Chen Huilin

You can be a pretty mom if you steal the maintenance of Chen Huilin

Congratulations to Chen Huilin as a mother. Following Xiao S, Zhong Liti, Li Qianrong and others, there is another hot mom in the entertainment industry!

During Chen Huilin’s pregnancy and even on the day of childbirth, she gave us the impression that she was very calm. From entering the marriage to getting pregnant and having children, Chen Huilin has frankly and easily confronted her for more than a decade. Then she still tolerates her beautiful beautyIs the maintenance of Mommy Chen Huilin so easy?

Take a look!


Frozen spoon, ice, tea leaves sometimes swell up after waking up. There are several ways to get swollen eyes.

Put the iron spoon in the refrigerator overnight, put the frozen spoon on your eyes after waking up, and you will immediately wake up and your swelling will disappear.

It can also be wrapped in shells with iced tea leaves, which also has the effect of reducing fatigue and eye swelling. Ice can also shrink pores.


Rice and noodle steaming method Chen Huilin said that steaming the face with freshly cooked rice steam can expand the pores and facilitate the cleaning of dirt in the pores.

After Chen Huilin’s improvement, steaming her face with instant noodles is also a good way.

Chen Huilin is sometimes tired of filming, so she uses this method to refresh her.


Cucumbers, lemons, and watermelons have a bleaching effect.

Slicing it into the face can eliminate fatigue and lighten the spots on both ends.

In addition, watermelon slices can be used to wash your face.

Insert your finger into the melon skin and rotate it left and right to eliminate the dirt on the edge of the nail and replace the effect of moisturizing the finger.


Rice vinegar, washing rice shampoo method Chen Huilin insists on washing the hair with clean rice water, so that the hair can fully absorb the nutrients inside, and it is more supple and shiny; adding a little vinegar to the water can also have a good effect.