CCB Hunan Branch actively carried out the construction of Digital RMB characteristics of Changsha "Guangming Village"

People’s Network Changsha on November 22, the northwest of Baiyu Town, Wangzheng District, Changsha, Wangcheng District, Guangming Dashan towering, green water Yiyi, green bamboo. "Hunan Province Socialist New Rural Construction Demonstration Village is located at the foot of the mountain.

Since last year Changsha City, it is officially approved to become a national second batch of digital RMB pilot cities, the provincial and municipal two-level government is fully launched, and the promotion of digital RMB pilots as a smooth three-way land "double cycle", helping "three high four new" Important initiatives of strategies have made a work deployment of digital RMB specializing in the region. Hunan Provincial CCB actively actively, on the basis of nearly five years of far-cultivation Payment tools are drained to the beautiful country, and the digital renminbi pilot will benefit from the agriculture. Carefully planning the rural coupling blueprint CCB actively planning. How to promote rural digital renminbi financial water conservancy projects, this is still a new topic in the country. CCB Hunan Branch has repeatedly organized research, holding a special promotion meeting, clarifying the "Tight Government, closely around the villagers", formulated financial instruments such as "count coin wallet" "Yuangong" and other financial instruments "Village store, agricultural sales point, tourist attractions," Digital currency payment "" Digital people’s livelihood payment "," Village Committee Parming Package ", etc. As the main content, the main contents of the national currency scene construction plan. Governments at all levels attach great importance to it.

CCB actively to all levels of government to report docking, governments at all levels have given priority to supporting: Digital province RMB pilot project leading group attaches great importance to the Leading Group Office has twice led to the village scene bright scene investigation, to refine the program guide; Hope Town government highly appreciated, made you want to build a village for the bright job requirements RMB digital model village; Guangming village village committee full cooperation and reached a "village committee, led CCB implementation" to build consensus. Under the guidance of government at all levels, combined with CCB scene-building programs, supporting "propaganda, training, activities" related work go hand in hand, forming a bright digital village yuan building blueprint, accurate force the yuan to build a comprehensive digital features demonstration village. The number of coins to pay the financial convenience build water conservancy project on-site service initiative.

Digital RMB payment of financial engineering, the first number of coins in the promotion wallet. With the assistance of the village committee, the bank set up an inter-departmental cross-agency service team, set up their stalls in the village, go door to door, patiently carry digital RMB propaganda, for operational use to explain, guide.

After nurturing guidance of a period of time, CCB majority of the will of the villagers opened a personal digital wallet of more than 2500, covering 91% of Guangming Village have a cell phone crowd; open to the public purse of more than 10 developing several coins on behalf of functions to achieve the village collective organizations account the number of coins features floor; digital wallet opened nearly 30 businesses, covering the entrance to the village shops, agricultural marketing service points; combined with the local tourist attractions, such as the town of Beira, squirrels Valley, egrets camps and other key projects, multiple lines linkage development, the number of coins pull through text brigade Guangming village project payment scene.

Centralized tackle tough. Utilities paid villagers to pay high frequency everyday scene.

Meanwhile, the seemingly simple utilities to pay, related to "queries, real-time payment, wallets exchange, reconciliation" and a series of difficulties, the highest level of complexity, the development of the most difficult. Village scene in the light of the number of coins construction work, CCB Hunan branch of the utility bill payment as a must win hoe, selected on the margin of agricultural wisdom through the terminal, the number of coins to pay water and electricity to get through the "last meter."

At 2:05 on April 24, China Construction Bank business team in front of Yu farming wisdom through the terminal to get first payment of electricity vouchers. Meanwhile, Changsha Changling Branch to review the details of the pen, test the whole process smooth and correct payment. This is the CCB "general, points, branch" three-line linkage, Guangzhou Branch of China Construction Bank, Shanghai, Wuhan, Chengdu and other four major business groups more than 10 technical team to assist the project team fought a month, within the margin of CCB system for the first time in agriculture achieve power through the terminal number of coins to pay. Subsequently, the CCB persistent efforts, August 19, Yu agricultural water through the number of coins to pay on line as scheduled.

So far, the villagers daily lives of two digital pay RMB scene smoothly.

Expand solve the difficulties.

Guangming Village No phone aging population and minors total of more than 800, accounting for up to%, relatively speaking, this kind of inconvenience to people using a digital wallet yuan.

To make digital RMB popularity of this colossal task of special populations, CCB Hunan Branch actively research, carry out research wallet hard, made a variety of designs hardware video card, and through participation in various ways such as China-Africa Economic and Trade Fair, mortem tests carried out show.

Forming a workable solution to this problem. Create a digital RMB payment "bright" multi microclimate forms of publicity.

RMB digital form using the environment, in addition to beefing pay for infrastructure projects outside the scene, focused on improving villagers’ awareness of digital currency.

CCB joint village committee, a prominent position in the light of the various sections of the village, laying RMB digital banners and trusses; billboards in the village, and set the digital RMB detail; the number of coins merchant, placed a few coins and posters activities Chin, business organization and staff to carry out digital RMB-related training; Yu Guangming village in agricultural school to villagers’ congress as an opportunity to promote the yuan to the villagers digital knowledge.

Today, the village into the bright, digital RMB-related information from the pavement, everywhere. Multi-activity driven. The villagers purse, after the initial formation of the number of coins scene overall layout, to guide the majority of the villagers experience with digital yuan, based in Changsha City of digital yuan red envelopes activities, CCB focused advocacy training, he has organized two red envelopes activities, payment of metadata coin envelopes for daily consumer experience.

Participation of villagers in the village after a few coins business use, have said that with the number of RMB easy and fast. In the event, led the villagers conscious use of digital RMB increasingly strong, as of now, Guangming village of RMB transactions over 1500 digital pen, the transaction amount of nearly 8 million, higher trading activity, the yuan gradually integrated into the daily digital pay villagers.

Yuan Guangming Village features a digital model village construction work, Ran is already forming. This is like running water injected into the fields of finance, digital renminbi will lead to filling the beautiful countryside, in a vivid picture of the national rural revitalization, the outline of a new financial ecology digital currency.

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